welcome to froosh.

we are an independent swedish company with offices in stockholm, copenhagen, helsinki, oslo & tokyo.

our business is fruit: we don’t do anything else. froosh is designed to give consumers in the nordic countries a convenient, delicious and healthy way to get more fruit into their diet and make it a little easier to live a healthy life.

we create our own recipes: squeezing, pressing and mashing lots of top quality fruit into our glass bottles and paper cans. we would never use concentrates, add sugar or use any preservatives. in fact we don’t add anything at all – froosh is 100% fruit and nothing else.

we love fruit. not just because it’s delicious and contains lots of great stuff, but also because tropical fruit farming offers a source of income and a way out of poverty for millions of families in developing countries.

navigate the page to know more about fruit, health, our products & our fruit farm program.

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we are a fast growing company
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drop us a line: info@froosh.com

we are now looking for a finance manager in finland. read more here.