our fruit farm program.

in 2012 started an ambitious program to send all of our staff to gain first hand experience of working on fruit farms in developing countries.  we wanted to learn as much as possible about the first step of our supply chain but also to find out what impact these fruit farms have on their local community.

these trips are not holidays, they are working visits.we sleep on the farm, we work on the farm and we eat on the farm for one week.

since our first trip in 2012 have we travelled 24 times to different farms in malawi, ethiopia, peru, ecuador, guatemala, india and thailand. what we see and learn from our trips are incredible. stories of how fruit farms make such an positive impact on peoples lifes. we have seen up close how these farms benefit their communities, whether it’s providing schools for the children of the farm workers, a water pipe to bring clean water to the village or clinics for basic health care.

and all of this without any need for aid: it’s a sustainable business, funded by the sale of mangoes, or bananas or coconuts to europe and elsewhere. we have visited farms all over the world, but always come back overwhelmed by the love of fruit and the amazing benefits and impact that the fruit farms have on the development of these rural areas.

we have made many friends in these communities and we are proud to play our part in the chain.

read more about some of the farms we visit. guatemalathailandmalawi