trade not aid

why we should trade with developing countries.

at froosh we believe aid isn’t working. we believe that trade is essential to tackle poverty and achieve sustainable development in the world’s poorest countries. let us explain to you why.

1. trade works

increased trade boosts the economy in developing countries which has a positive impact on unemployment, economic growth and the population livelihood. unemployment is a major cause of poverty in poor countries.

2. aid has failed

good intention development aid hasn’t ended world poverty, yet $1,4 trillion has been donated to Africa in last 50 years – if donations were the solution to world poverty it should have ended already.

3. trade means better education and health

on our fruit farm trips, we are struck by how the farms use the profits from their exports of fruit to build schools and health clinics to improve the lives of all those in the surrounding community.

4. trade not aid –  a growing movement

the nobel prize winner Angus Deaton and many other know economists predict trade as the solution to end global poverty. ultimately it is trade – not aid – that is transforming the lives of millions of people living in the developing world. the Nobel Prize is a sign that the old model of aid handouts is less and less relevant to today’s world.

so why not join us and help our campaign to change minds, attitudes – and politics. people living in the developing world are not poor by choice: they deserve the chance to prosper and have a great future, just like us. we want a new deal for poor countries, with open trade and an end to discriminatory trade barriers. follow us and make a stand for the world’s poorest countries.

talking the talk.

we have walked the walk, but we also like to talk the talk. we want to share our stories from fruit farms in developing countires, as well as our political beliefs of trade not aid. we regularly do talks at universities and confrences about our mission and we are always looking for new oppotunities to speak.  get in touch us, if you want to hear more from froosh.

below is a preview of our spokesperson anna talking, here at tedx ”why we need a rethink in the fight against global poverty”

tedx video

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